How to obtain more money in Virtual Families 2

In Virtual Families 2 money is very important. In that aspect the game is very much like real life. In Virtual Families 2 there are several ways that you can use to obtain more money. The most popular way is through micro transactions. However, paying for in-game currency with real money gets expensive really fast. In this post we will outline some methods for you to obtain money in Virtual Families 2 without having to spend real money.

Using a generator

The easiest way to obtain more money in Virtual Families 2 for free is by using our Virtual Families 2 Money Generator. The generator is free to use and allows you to obtain an unlimited number of coins and money.

Changing the date

An alternative method is changing the date. You can do this by opening the game and going to your settings. Then change the date as far back as you can. Continue to play the game a for a little bit and then change the date back to the real date. You will notice that your family has aged quite a bit and that you have quite a bit more money than you had before!

However, changing the date every time to obtain money is quite annoying and takes a long time. This method is only recommended if for some reason you can not get our Money Generator to work for you.

Be careful: When you use the data changing method there is a chance that your family will die!

Collect and sell trophies and collectibles from your yard

An alternative way to obtain money in Virtual Families 2 is to collect trophies & collectibles from your yard and sell them. This way of achieving money is the most tedious and will take the most time but is also quite safe and is how the game intended for you to obtain money. Trophies are obtained when you complete a goal. For example, getting rid of ants is one of the goals and you will receive a trophy for doing so which you can sell for some money.

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  1. mallorykay

    Wow, I used the generator method and it works so much better than all the other ones, it’s great!

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