How to have twins on Virtual Families 2

What’s better than one baby? 2 babies! In Virtual Families 2 you have the option available to have twins. However, many people are unaware of exactly how to get twins. In this post we will cover how you can get your family to have twins. Getting twins in Virtual Families 2 is not easy, and it requires quite a bit of luck. But if you follow our instructions, you will have the best chance of getting twins.

First off, start up the game if you haven’t done so already. Now, if you already have two adults adopted you’re good to go. If you only have 1 adult adopted you have to adopt another one so they can have twins together. It’s not necessary for the family member you will adopt to want twins, but we do recommend it because it will increase their happiness which is very important. Now that you have two adults you’re ready to go.

Before the two adults can get twins they need to get married. If you already have a married couple, great! If not, then you have to marry your two family members.

Now comes the most important step. In order to have twins on Virtual Families 2 you need to have an item called a “baby booster”. This item is only available from the store, so for the next step head to the store and purchase 4 baby boosters for $500 dollars each. If you do not have enough money available, check out our Virtual Families 2 Money Generator. Once you have bought the four baby boosters you have to give two of them to the soon-to-be father and two of them to the mother. This will increase the chances of the newborn baby being a twin but you are not guaranteed to have twins every time you do this. However, you can always keep trying until you get lucky!


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