Virtual Families 2 House Ideas

Do you need some inspiration for the design of your Virtual Families 2 dream house? You’ve come to the right place. Take a look at these ideas and get those creative juices flowing!

Game room

Making a game room is fun and looks great in any house in Virtual Families 2. Best of all, your family will have a lot of fun in the game room. Some items that you could put into a game room to make it look nice are a pool table, a flat screen and a pinball machine. Keep in mind though that these items are not cheap at all. A pool table will cost you $12000 of in game currency and a flat screen will set you back $5000. You can either wait for the items to go on sale so you can pick them up for a discount or you can use our cheats for Virtual Families 2 to get unlimited money and make the game room of your dreams!


If you really want to go all out and keep your family healthy then you have to build a gym in your house. Making a gym will ensure that your family keeps fit and healthy and will look great in any house. Equip an empty room with some gym equipment like treadmills and yoga balls and watch them enjoy the new room!

Dining room

After some rigorous exercise in the gym and fun in the game room your family will be hungry. Why not make an awesome dining room? For this room you can use any items that you like and design the dining room in whatever fashion you’d like!

For more house ideas check out this video below. It will give you some great ideas for rooms that you can add to your dream house.

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